South African women finds success in business

Johannesburg, South Africa
1. UPSOUND: (English) Carolyn Menyape, Job head hunter: “This is Carolyn Menyape from Active Blue. How are You?”
2. Various of Carolyn talking on the phone at “Business Head Hunters”
3. UPSOUND: (English) Carolyn Menyape, Job head hunter: “Maybe to get outsiders to come in and do the whole human consulting,”
4. Wide of Carolyn’s office
5. Carolyn working with co-worker Marjory.
6. UPSOUND: (English) Marjory: “So this person coming in �. it’s a new position that they have created – must have experience with assessments.”
7. Various of Carolyn and Marjory working
8. Poster of Active Blue – 100% BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) on the wall
9. Various of Carolyn interviewing Constance an applicant for a banking job
10. Various Johannesburg skyline
11. Various of people walking on the street
12. Carolyn Menyape getting into her sports car, drives off
13. Various of Carolyn driving
Alexandra township, Johannesburg
14. Carolyn driving into Alexandra township Johannesburg
15. UPSOUND (English) Carolyn Menyape, Job head hunter: “I hope my uncle is there.”
16. Various of township
17. SOUNDBITE: (English) Carolyn Menyape, Job head hunter:
“Some of the people don’t really want to get out of it and I think that is really sad. Because once you are out of it (Township) like is nicer, its more brighter. Some people do want get out but don’t know how to.”
18. Carolyn with her cousin Vivian,
19. UPSOUND: (English) Carolyn Menyape, Job head hunter: “Oh, you have grown so big!”
20. UPSOUND: (English) Vivian, Carolyn’s cousin: “You must come and see my work”
21. Various of Vivian showing Carolyn her artwork
22. UPSOUND: (English) Carolyn Menyape,Job head hunter: “I am definitely going to give you lots of work.”
23. Various of Carolyn saying goodbye to Vivian
24. Various of unemployed people
25. Old woman cooking
26. Young mother with child
27. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sankie Mthembi-Mahanyele, Former Housing Minister, Deputy Secretary ANC (African national congress):
“We were in a system where education was not free. The house system was not free at all. So we had to come up with new policies and new laws. First, to repeal and get rid of apartheid exclusive laws and to come up with democratic legislation, that would allow this new government to then introduce an atmosphere were you operate on democratic principles.”
28. Downtown Johannesburg, pedestrians crossing the road
29. Carolyn at her mother’s house
30. Family drinking tea
33. Close up of her son
34. SOUNDBITE: (English) Carolyn Menyape,Job head hunter:
“Being motivated, being strong, and not being easily influenced because its so easy in this country. There are so many people in our country who are our age and are taking the wrong route in terms of negativity, they blame their past for what is happening in their future. You know, we have been oppressed, we have been beaten up.”
35. Carolyn and her son
36. Margory and Carolyn dancing in a discotheque (night club)
37. Various of people dancing
38. Wide of dance floor
Twelve years after abolishing Apartheid, South Africa is still struggling for equality in the job sector.
The South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) says the economic disparity between whites and blacks still remains.
Carolyn Menyape is one of the rare success stories who has worked her way out of the township and into a top job in Johannesburg.
Carolyn Menyape is a successful businesswoman.
She runs a job hunting firm in Johannesburg, finding suitable employees for clients such as banks.
That includes not only the black majority, but also the asian community, those of mixed race and some white women as well.

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