IE Venture Day: Inspiring Women in Business

We want to empower women to pursue their dreams and have the same opportunities when developing a business. With the aim of empowering women who are entrepreneurs and connecting the women in business network in Latin America, IE Business School and Dalia Empower are launching the first Inspiring Women in Business Venture Day in Mexico City.

The Venture Day will provide a cutting-edge, highly competitive program designed to identify and support disruptive start-ups who were founded by women. In the coming months, we will select 10 from up to 100 start-ups based on their originality, financial viability, and ability to have a positive impact on major SocialChallenges, education, healthcare, technology, fintech, smart cities, resource allocation ,energy conservation, waste reduction, social issues and other challenges. Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a selected audience virtually composed of investors, government officials, business pioneers, and representatives of key industries. They will also have the chance to meet world-leading experts in theirfield and receive advice, insights and best practices. Our goal is to create real networking and investment opportunities for those entrepreneurs that have ideas that can truly address these needs and social challenges.