Gary Vaynerchuk on Realtor & Lender Marketing Strategy

Backstage at the Agent 2021 Conference in Miami, FL. My brother (Arjun Dhingra) and I meet with Gary Vaynerchuk to discuss current marketing trends in the real estate and mortgage industry. We also discuss strategies for sales and marketing to millennial’s. As always, Gary provided us with his insight and there are some great nuggets of info for anyone in the real estate or mortgage industry. I hope you enjoy and get some value from this. Thanks for checking out my content : ) Subscribe : Follow me on Instagram: I am Neel Dhingra , a mortgage banker and real estate investor based in Nevada. I love helping clients and business partners. I will be posting valuable content about how I help people and some fun stuff along the way. Thanks for checking out my video & channel. Follow my journey and subscribe :


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