Recruitment and Women In Business – Ellie Doyle – TalentHub – Talent Recruitment

Recruitment and Women In Business – Ellie Doyle – TalentHub – Talent Recruitment

In this video, we sit down with Ellie Doyle, Founder and Board Director at TalentHub to learn about her and her business.
TalentHub is a recruitment agency based in Dublin with a focus on the Digital and Technology space. They work across all industry sectors, placing the very best talent in Digital Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, Product & Project Management, UX Design Solutions, and more.
We discuss recruitment, women in business and how her business has a large focus recruiting talented employees for her clients.
Ellie also shared how she feels businesses will change and evolve after the Covid-19 pandemic with her experience as an advisor for IrelandTogether.

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You can connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website for more information on recruitment.

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