Business fashion: how a woman’s suit should fit + CHECKLIST ǀ Justine Leconte

This video is about business fashion or office style. About how a classic suit should fit you in order to look stylish but also feel comfortable.
Here I show you what to pay attention to when shopping for a women’s suit, including tailored jacket and fitted pants. Note: the advice on jackets applies to blazer fit as well.

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Checklist for suit shopping / tailoring:

– The shoulder seam sits on the shoulder.
– The waist fits but remains comfortable.
– Under the armpits, the jacket is adjusted (extra fabric here means that the jacket doesn’t fit your body type. Taking in the waist won’t solve the issue of the sleeve fit).
– Cross your arms: the back isn’t building horizontal folds and you can still breathe and move normally.
– The inner lining gives you extra fabric, so you can move in the jacket without feeling tightened up.

– The waistband isn’t tight and it sits naturally above the hips.
– The front rise is at the level where your belly isn’t compressed.
– The back rise is high enough to still cover your behind when you sit down.
– In the front: no horizontal lines (folds) at the hip level – or else go 1 size up.
– The pockets are flat against your hips, not pulling and not opening.
– Pants length: according to your taste. The classical way is slightly shorter than your legs, so that it won’t touch the floor if you aren’t wearing shoes.

Happy shopping!

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