Power of Women in Network Marketing Business | In Hindi | Tarun Agarwal

Network Marketing offers equal opportunity for all. Then how men and women do this business? Watch this video to know more.

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African women in Business

Women starting and working in their own businesses is most definitely good progress – and it’s happening more and more in Ghana. The only issue is, most are stuck at the “micro” level. About 80 per cent of women-owned businesses are unable to expand – as Metro TV’s Naa Kwarley Oteng-Boadu reports from Accra for the BBC.


Top Women in Business — Best Advice on how to Become a Successful Business Woman

http://www.thebestyou.co/ Perween Warsi founder and CEO of S&F foods is one of the top women in business today. She has built her business into an international company and discusses, the key ingredients which are needed to make a business successful. She picks out having a vision and having the perseverance, to follow your vision to make your business successful. Perseverance is the real secret of all successful business people. You need to keep going, through the inevitable set backs to build your business and make it profitable and successful.

One of the key points she makes is to know your customer and know your market. If you want to become a successful business woman or man, you must pay attention to your market and understand what your customers want. Don’t make the fatal mistake of selling them what you think they want which many businesses make. If you want to start a business or already have one, get some top tips for success from one of the top business women Perween Warsi.


Career Arc Panel – 2015 Queer Women in Business Summit in NYC

Queer Women in Business is designed to bring together all the lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in business to foster a stronger network of visibility and support in the workplace. Organized by 501c3 non-profit Reaching Out, the first QWIB event was a one-day Summit in NYC on March 7, 2015. Learn more at http://www.reachingoutlgbt.org

This session dives into the career paths and opportunities for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in business across multiple industries. Topics include mentorship vs sponsorship, life decisions vs career decisions, coming out throughout your career as an LBT woman, and breaking past barriers at various career stages.

Moderated by Hannah Yankelevich (Consultant, McKinsey & Co), the panel include Ting Ting Goh (Executive Director, JP Morgan), Theresa Hagel (Project Leader, The Boston Consulting Group) and Lindsey Scrase (Senior Manager, Google).


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