What is the best YouTube promotion service? YouTube Playlist Pitching with HIP!


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Hello everyone! I am Andy Gesner, the owner and president of HIP Video Promo. As a veteran of promoting music videos for over 20 years, I field numerous questions from potential and existing clients every day. One of the most frequently asked questions is, what is the best YouTube promotion service?

Independent creatives all over the world are looking to increase the amounts of views for their YouTube videos. And here at HIP Video Promo, we have seen many, many ways to do this. But when it comes to generating YouTube views, you do want to shy away from any companies that are just manufacturing or buying views.

I now have an answer to the question “what is the best YouTube promotion service?” – it is


Rob Stevenson | QUIT Selling and Start Helping


From early in my sales career, I always looked for ways to learn and get better at my craft. I would always find myself at a bookstore getting the latest book on sales, leadership, or general business. Well, one day I found a book called “How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkey”. That book’s title resonated with me at that time and I bought it immediately.

20 plus years later, I have the privilege of sitting down with the author of the book and learning from him live… and you get to sit in on the conversation.

In today’s Talent + Talks Podcast, we learn from Robert Stevenson. Rob provides insight into sales and leadership. He gives great examples from his past about how he got into speaking and writing books, and he also shows us that his message is just as powerful and useful today as it ever was.

You can find Rob on LinkedIn where he is an active participant on the platform. I find that most people that are mak


Social Media Tips | Women In Business

We invited Sammy Tremlin, a nail blogger with over 97K followers, to share her tips and tricks for enhancing your social media presence.
Check out our Women In Business Playlist for more helpful tips including how to manage your social media, how to find new clients and how to run a successful business to name but a few.

Sammy Tremlin

Re:New Beauty


Women in Business Digital Summit

Howard University and Walker’s Legacy are present the Women in Business Digital Summit, sponsored by Advancing Black Pathways by JPMorgan Chase, a one-day virtual Q & A style conversation discussing tools and strategies to maintain, elevate, and enhance financial and entrepreneurial endeavors despite COVID-19.

The Women in Business Digital Summit, was held on Friday, June 26, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. EST, and was designed for women of color entrepreneurs and will feature leading Howard University women alumni as guest speakers. Check out the first portion of the summit.




CSUN Alumna Tatiana Derovanessian has built a dynamic and successful career serving as CEO & President for some of the most prominent companies in media, entertainment and now real estate. Having been featured in Angeleno Magazine as one of the most “Dynamic Women” in her field and an “Industry Leader”, Derovanessian offers valuable insight into the role of women in business and technology today.

Join us for a conversation with Tatiana, as she shares her journey in the business.


President Cyril Ramaphosa to address SA women in business: Natasha Phiri

President Cyril Ramaphosa will this morning speak about the contribution women are making to the economy.
Ramaphosa will address a meeting organised by the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.
The dialogue will look at pertinent issues affecting women and the challenges busineswomen and women entrepreneurs face.
The association has been a voice of women in business within the South African economy since 1980. We cross to our reporter Natasha Phiri for details.

For more news, visit: sabcnews.com and also #SABCNews on Social Media.


2020 State of Women in Business Presented by HealthONE

As women in business, we have come so far; but as this event recognizes there is still work to be done. Women still hold only 17% of CEO positions and women-owned businesses still face growth hurdles.

In our 4th Annual State of Women in Business Event, we looked at the current data, and trends on all women in business.

This year, we brought together a panel of leaders to share the reality and data that COVID has had and continues to have on women in business, as well as what recovery looks like.

Moderated by Leslie Herod, Colorado House of Representatives, District 8
Debbie Brown, Colorado Business Roundtable
Jessica Muhlenberg, VF Corp
Kristin Strohm, Common Sense Institute
Monicque Aragon, Colorado Department of Labor
Simone D. Ross, Simone D. Ross LLC, S&V Partners
Virginia Santy, Women in Kind and S&V Partners


Jason Fair on Talent Talks | What Does Your Digital Buyers’​ Journey Look Like?

Season Two starts off ??? with ????? ???? today.

Jason is the Director of Content Development at WireBuzz. In his role, he helps clients achieve their business goals using tailor-made video marketing strategies. That includes getting his clients to put out more content that enables people to stand out in their market.

Jason is a huge proponent of building a Digital Buyer’s Journey, so get prepared to learn a lot about what customers are looking for from their sales and marketing people.

This high intensity, insight rich podcast focuses on:

How Jason stays sharp (8:04)
How crisis breeds opportunity (17:40)
The best tools and tactics for selling in an attention economy (24:40)
Why Marketing is more important than ever (29:14)
Why you must build a full digital roadmap (32:15)
How helpful is the new viral (36:00)
Why every seller must have their OWN content strategy (41:00)
How to take advantage of free training at W