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The Women’s Business Development Center was live for a webinar with Business Affairs & Consumer Protection Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek, providing an overview of WBDC services & financial support.
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7 Home Business Ideas for Women| Motivational Tips for Women

In this video i have posted 7 Easy Home Businesss ideas for Village Women. Village women can easily earn 30000rs from home. And also the procedure to get loan from government for home business

12 Jobs to Earn Easily from Home for Home Makers video


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Dr Sabine Hazan from Progenabiome on Her Startup Company as well as clinical research


Following her fellowship, Dr. Hazan returned to Montreal and opened a practice in upstate New York. Her work there consisted of 10 percent research and 90 percent private gastroenterology patients and brought many patients from across the border in Canada. She was the only female gastroenterologist in an 80-mile radius, and the influx of Canadian patients brought to light for her the problems with socialized medicine in Canada. These patients faced intolerable wait times for a visit with a gastroenterologist in Canada, and so visited Dr. Hazan in New York. After meeting with the Prime Minister of Health, Dr. Hazan helped bring about a dual system in Canada, in which private practices co-exist with socialized medicine. Her years of practice as a solo woman gastroenterologist brought her under the microscope on numerous occasions, facing scrutiny not encountered by her male colleagues.


Who is Dr. Sabine Hazan

Born in Morocco, Dr. Sabine Hazan has always been dedicated to understanding life. She sought a career in medicine and was accepted to medical school based on outstanding research on obesity conducted as an undergraduate. She completed her residency at the University of Miami during the peak of the HIV epidemic, treating extremely ill patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital and in the local jail. There, she was awarded two prizes for her research. After completing her residency, Dr. Hazan became the first woman gastroenterology fellow at the University of Florida. There, she completed a year of research and presented her findings in poster format at the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) National Meeting. It was at that moment that she was approached by the esteemed Dr. Neil Stollman. He told her that the future of medicine lies in the microbiome. For her exceptional work with visceral hyperalgesia she was awarded the Dean’s Research Award. Dr. Stollman is now an expert and lea