Essential Lessons for Women in Business Daniel Alonzo & Vanessa Solorzano

Vanessa is an up and coming shining star. She is a Regional Vice President of a leading financial services firm. Her background entails costumer service and her husband worked at a warehouse for 8 years. She was a college dropout and her husband, Max, dropped out of high school. They are defying the odds of what is possible!

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Presentación del informe Women in Business 2021

Presentación oficial de la 17ª edición de nuestro informe #WomeninBusiness, uno de los más longevos en esta materia en el mundo. En un año marcado por las dificultades de la pandemia por coronavirus, nuestra Firma indaga en las dificultades concretas que la mujer directiva ha encontrado a la hora de seguir avanzando en su carrera, dentro de compañías del mid-market de los 29 países analizados.

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Women in Business: Closing the gender gap in employment and leadership

In partnership with Standard Chartered, Asia House is brought together business leaders and policy experts to reflect on the importance of women in global growth, the role of government actions in closing the gender gaps that persist in female employment and leadership, and the broader cultural transformation that is required for building an environment where both women and men support equality in leadership.

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