Inuit Women in Business Network – Urban Women

Inuit businesswomen have a network! The Inuit Women in Business Network (IWBN) is an open, welcome and inclusive network for all Inuit women who run a business or want to start one.

Watch our members Martha, Jeannie, and Crystal talk about their businesses and their experience in the IWBN to see if it’s right for you! No experience required and joining is completely free.

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The Inuit Women in Business Network

Inuit businesswomen have a network! The Inuit Women in Business Network (IWBN) is an open, welcoming and inclusive network for all Inuit women who run a business, or want to start one. Watch our network members Leena, Sadie, Rhoda and Bernice talk about their businesses and their experience in the IWBN to see if it’s right for you! No experience required and joining is completely free. You can learn more about what the network offers by clicking here:


Empowering Women In Business To Stand Out w/ Amanda Tress

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As a female entrepreneur, you must have clarity of purpose when building your business. In fact, it’s crucial. In today’s video, Amanda Tress tells us why she’s passionate about empowering women in business.

As the founder of the hugely successful FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, she is a certified nutrition coach with a background in fitness coaching and digital marketing. She has built multiple 7-Figure businesses that empower other women to build, scale and grow their businesses while standing out in the marketplace.

As you’re watching this video, I want you to focus on the following questions:

What is it that sets you apart?
What value are you offering?
Do you have actionable strategies for your business?
What is your big vision?
How can you make the world a better place by empowering women in business?

I hope this episode of Inspired Living will motivate you to do amazing things in your life and business.

Learn more about Amanda Tress and The FASTer Way to Fat Loss here:

Time Stamps:
[01:15] About Amanda Tress, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and intermittent fasting.
[07:10] The fitness industry is extremely competitive. Amanda explains the importance of finding a niche.
[09:30] Our businesses are not about us; they’re our vehicle to create radical change.
[12:50] The importance of thinking about how your business can be scalable and sustainable.
[16:00] About micro-influencers.
[18:25] Amanda reveals her most significant challenge this year.
[21:30] Advice for women who are looking to take their business to the next level.


How To Promote Your Music Video – Music Video Promotion for Independent Artists

Watch this video to learn more about “How To Promote Your Music Video” and please call (732-613-1779), email (, or visit and we’ll be happy to help!

Hello and greetings to you! I am Andy Gesner, the owner and president of HIP Video Promo.

How to promote your music video? That’s a question I’ve been asked countless times over 20 years. Many people are not aware that there is such a thing as a music video promoter. If you’re watching this transmission, you’re looking at one, and I have an incredible team here in the great Garden State that helps independent artists get their music video seen.

How To Start A Business As A Woman In India? | Maneesha Panicker | Motivational Speech

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Maneesha Panicker, the young woman entrepreneur left her American dream to envisage ‘Kayal Project’. She had to face many hardships while finding funds for her dream project. Low on funds, she approached as many as 18 banks! The construction works came to a halt for 2 months. But, finally she completed her dream project and got featured in Nat Geo’s World Destinations List. Hear her talk about the challenging journey.

This talk was recorded at Josh Talks Calicut 2017.

Josh Talks collects and curates the most inspiring stories of India and provides a platform to showcase them. Speakers from diverse backgrounds are invited to share their stories, highlighting the challenges they overcame, on their journey to success and realizing their true calling.

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Essential Lessons for Women in Business Daniel Alonzo & Vanessa Solorzano

Vanessa is an up and coming shining star. She is a Regional Vice President of a leading financial services firm. Her background entails costumer service and her husband worked at a warehouse for 8 years. She was a college dropout and her husband, Max, dropped out of high school. They are defying the odds of what is possible!

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Presentación del informe Women in Business 2021

Presentación oficial de la 17ª edición de nuestro informe #WomeninBusiness, uno de los más longevos en esta materia en el mundo. En un año marcado por las dificultades de la pandemia por coronavirus, nuestra Firma indaga en las dificultades concretas que la mujer directiva ha encontrado a la hora de seguir avanzando en su carrera, dentro de compañías del mid-market de los 29 países analizados.

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Women in Business: Closing the gender gap in employment and leadership

In partnership with Standard Chartered, Asia House is brought together business leaders and policy experts to reflect on the importance of women in global growth, the role of government actions in closing the gender gaps that persist in female employment and leadership, and the broader cultural transformation that is required for building an environment where both women and men support equality in leadership.

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