The State of Women in Business

Kristen Blessman, President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce jumps in the hot seat to talk about CWCC’s upcoming signature event, The State of Women in Business. Kristen fills us in on the agenda for the event, but also speaks candidly about the current gender equality issue many businesses are facing. Registration is due by September 20!

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Panel Discussion: She Leads: Women in Business, From Day One Brooklyn, June 19, 2019

Panel Discussion: She Leads: Fresh Ways to Support Women in Business
From Day One Brooklyn, June 19, 2019

What can be done to support the rise of women as leaders in the American economy? Despite notable breakthroughs by many women, the social and structural impediments are stubborn. How can more capital and other resources be made available to female founders? What do women need from Corporate America to keep their careers on track as far as they aim to go?

Moderator: Sage Lazzaro, Journalist
Stacey Olive, Vice President Talent Acquisition, The New York Times
Alexandra Cavoulacos, Co-Founder & President, The Muse
Jenny Chiu, VP Marketing, Maven
Susan McPherson, CEO, McPherson Strategies


Women have essentially achieved parity with men in joining the workforce, representing 48% of employees in entry-level jobs, yet only about one in five C-suite leaders is a woman—and only one in 25 is a woman of color. Despite all the progress, the impediments to advancement persist.

“We’re here on a panel talking about our experiences as women, while men get to go on panels talking about what they do for a living, which is really good for their careers,” said Alexandra, likening the issue to those faced by people of color, who typically are expected to talk about their experiences as minorities when it comes to diversity in the workplace, when they might have benefitted more from an opportunity to talk about their actual work performance.

It never hurts to be a little bolder than one’s regular baseline, whether it means applying for a job or starting a business.

“There’s no wrong or right answer, but the leadership of an organization needs to be held to account for what they are or are not doing,” said Susan. “Don’t shy away from criticizing your directors, executive, or CEO for a lack of progress.”

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She Leads: How Women Can Overcome Stubborn Obstacles in Business


Live #58 – Women in Business – Con Elena Bonetti, in collaborazione con Orizzonti Politici

🍻 Cari amici del Pub, eccoci qua con una nuova live in programma.

📌 Con Elena Bonetti, Ministra per le pari opportunità e la famiglia, affronteremo alcuni degli argomenti più caldi degli ultimi anni.
Nello specifico, discuteremo di parità di genere, leadership al femminile e welfare aziendale. Durante l’intera discussione, ci avvarremo del supporto e della collaborazione del giovanissimo think tank studentesca Orizzonti Politici.

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Girl Talk About Women In Business

This video is for all my ladies out there. My friend Athena and I decided to sit down together and have a quick chat about entrepreneurship. We hope that you enjoy the conversation 🙂

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